Documentation is available online for both the Tcl and Python versions of ChemShell.

Py-ChemShell documentation

Please see the online Py-ChemShell manual and Py-ChemShell tutorial.

The manual is also provided with the Py-ChemShell distribution (in docs/) for offline reference.

Tcl-ChemShell documentation

Please see the on-line Tcl-ChemShell manual and Tcl-ChemShell tutorial.

The manual and tutorial are also provided with the Tcl-ChemShell distribution (in doc/) for offline reference.

ChemShell community forum

The ChemShell forum is a place to discuss the software with the ChemShell user community.

ChemShell announcements mailing list

chemsh-announce is a very low-traffic, read-only mailing list, for news such as new releases and major bug fixes.

When you download ChemShell you can indicate whether you wish to be subscribed to chemsh-announce to receive project announcements. You can also subscribe to chemsh-announce directly at JISCmail.

Social media

Follow us on Twitter at @chemshproject.